Day: June 19, 2023

Kava Bars: The Social Alternative to Alcohol

The demand for kava, a tea made from the ground root of the kava plant, has been steadily increasing over the years. Kava is popular as an alternative to alcohol and a way for people to relax away from drinking culture. Kava bars are becoming a more favored way for people to drink kava tea.  What is kava? When the ground root of the kava plant, native to the Polynesian

Kava: 6 Interesting Facts About The Kava Plant

Kava, a tea brewed with the ground root of the kava plant, has only increased in popularity throughout the world over time. A part of life for generations for the native peoples of Polynesia, kava creates feelings of happiness, calmness, and relaxation.  Kava does not cause the same impairments or hangover issues as alcohol and its popularity is growing as an alcohol alternative.  With many species growing across the south


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