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Kava’s health benefits: the 4 it’s most known for

Kava has a long tradition of being used for its calming and relaxing effects. But did you know it actually has some therapeutic benefits? It’s been used as a nutritional supplement for generations and science has shown that kava’s health benefits range from relaxation, up to potentially helping fight cancer. Recent research has started looking into different health conditions. Here we highlight four that have gotten the most notice and

Myths about Kava, de-bunked

In the realm of natural herbs and remedies, few plants have gotten as much attention and debate as kava. With a history deeply rooted in the cultures of the Pacific Islands, kava has been used for centuries for its relaxation and stress reducing effects. However, as it’s gained popularity in North America and Europe, a cloud of myths about kava have emerged, bringing into question its safety, efficacy and instilling

Getting to know the kava plant

The kava plant, known for its calming and sedating effects, originates from the south pacific islands. It’s been used culturally for centuries in religious and traditional ceremonies, as well as a plant medicine. It comes from the pepper plant; piper methysticum. It’s roots are used to create and earthy drink that is known for its calming, and mentally relaxing effects. Other names kava goes by Like many things that have

Research Summary: Kava extracts can boost brain function and mood

This 2004 study investigates the effects of kava extracts on brain function and emotional regulation and reactivity. It’s a double-blind, placebo controlled trial, which means research participants were assigned either the treatment group (with kava) or a non-treatment groups (placebo, or something that won’t have an effect). This is done without any order, and both participants and their doctors didn’t know which treatment they were getting.  What they did Researchers

The Neuroprotective properties of Kava: how it can support the brain over time

Kava is made up of chemicals called kavalactones. These are the active components that act on the brain, and have the neuroprotective properties of kava.  There are six that are known to be the most involved with kavas beneficial effects:  Each has slightly different properties and when put into certain combinations has two distinct effects; Heady and heavy. Heady kavas affect your mind more than your body, whereas heavy kavas


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