Bula! Discover The First Kava-Only Bar in Los Angeles

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Drinking kava, the traditional tea brewed from the ground root of the kava plant causes feelings of relaxation, euphoria, focus, and happiness, without the impairments of alcohol. 

As a traditional Pacific island alternative to the word “cheers”, “Bula!” can be heard in kava bars across the world. 

Kava: A traditional ritual that continues to grow

The kava plant, and the making of kava tea, are native to the peoples of the Pacific islands. With the greatest number of species of kava plants native to Vanuatu and Fiji, seafarers from generations ago spread the kava root and tea across the Pacific region. 

After the explorers of the West discovered the Pacific islands and their kava traditions in the 1600s, the experience of kava began to spread across the world. 

Kava is still gaining popularity today, as many people who wish for a relaxing way to unwind but are concerned about their alcohol use find the benefits of hangover-free kava.

Bula! A tradition that lives on

When old traditions are discovered around the world, their origins and rituals are often forgotten, making way for commercialization and branding. 

The culture of kava is different. People who experience and enjoy kava not only like to retain as much of the purity of the product as possible but wish to keep the traditional ways. 

Bula! A word with many meanings in its original language but often used to signal “cheers” at the beginning of kava drinking, bula cemented its place in kava culture.

The social element of kava is alive at kava bars

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In traditional Pacific island villages, kava was served in the nakamal, a large community structure or open space for gatherings, ceremonies, and celebrations. Native peoples consumed kava as a regular part of their community activities and the people of the Pacific islands still serve it today. 

As the community was always such a large part of kava culture, kava bars in the Western world provide that sense of social connection with other kava drinkers. 

At Kavahana, the first kava-only bar in Los Angeles, we love bringing the kava experience to the people of Southern California who are either long-time fans of kava or curious to try it for the first time. 

Our delicious kava flavors delight newcomers, and our traditional taste of kava tea comforts experienced kava drinkers who love traditional rituals. 

Social bars without alcohol

Kava bars not only provide customers with the happy, calming, and euphoric effects of the tea but are notably without many of the downsides of alcohol bars. 

For a start, anyone wishing to remain alcohol sober or cut down their alcohol consumption does not have to worry at a kava-only bar. 

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Alcohol is an unpredictable drink. Many times a good night has turned bad due to the nature of aggressive, violent, clumsy, or unexpected behavior brought on by alcohol. 

Kava does not cause impairment in the way alcohol does. When drunk in its 100% natural form as traditional tea with no additives it leaves no hangover feeling. 

Kava allows us to enjoy the traditional Polynesian community ritual of feeling happy, relaxed, and calm together without the downsides of alcohol consumption. 

There is only one thing we can say about that….Bula!

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Bula! Discover The First Kava-Only Bar in Los Angeles


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