Can I drink Kava everyday?

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Kava has been enjoyed daily by people in the pacific island for centuries. So why are we now starting to ask the question about kava’s safety in the western world?

If you’re new to kava it can be confusing to figure out what to believe. Kave is heavily scrutinized due to it’s culture and the fact that many people are unfamiliar with it. There is a lot of inconsistent, and poorly done research making claims about how kava can be unsafe and bad for your health. Thankfully, research has shown many of these claims to be untrue.

The biggest issue however, is the fact that most of the research being done is using kava supplements or extracts that contain added (and often unwanted) ingredients that are not found in traditional kava.

Traditional kava is made from only the dried kava root mixed with either water or coconut. The root comes from a specific pepper plant, piper methysticum, and is harvested from grown plant, dried, ground into a powder and steeped to create the earthy, chocolatey brown beverage we know and love.

Kava extracts and supplements, on the other hand, often add ingredients to make it stable for sitting on shelves, or mixed with alcohol, which is the standard for many tinctures that you find in health food stores. These aren’t necessarily “bad”, but they aren’t like the pure kava that we use at Kavahana or that’s used in the pacific islands where kava comes from. And there is some evidence that these additives and using other medications or substances with kava are the problem, not kava itself. Something not often highlighted.

In fact, the state of Hawai’i, just declared kava a GRAS food. That is “generally regarded as safe”. They conducted an indepth look into the research, reports and historical and cultural aspects of kava and found that traditional kava was safe for us to drink. This is a huge step forward in educating people about the benefits of kava and changing how it’s seen in the western world.

Now, while kava is safe to drink everyday, it is important to understand how much you need and how it effects your body individually. As with any other substances, effects can vary based on your size, food you’ve eaten and how strong your kava is. There is some research that suggests taking too much kava can make you excessively tired, affecting your ability to drive and do daily tasks. Knowing this, start off drinking kava slowly, then work your way up as you learn what your dosage is and how it feels in your body.

There are many reports of people drinking kava everyday with no issues. Many even say that their daily kava has been beneficial for them and their health.

All this being said, kava has been used for 3000 years without any reports of significant negative health effects. In fact, in pacific island culture, kava is consumed much like we consume alcohol. They drink it with colleagues after work, with friends and family at social gatherings and at important cultural and community events.

Considering its deep-rooted cultural importance and the health benefits it offers, such as helping with sleep issues and supporting stress and anxiety, drinking kava everyday seems not just possible but potentially beneficial. This perspective challenges the kava haters and suggests that in our busy and overstimulated world, everyone should probably add a daily dose of kava into their routine.

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Can I drink Kava everyday?


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