Introducing- Kava Nectar!

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We here at Kavahana have been kava lovers for a long time. We love the culture and tradition behind our wonderful drink and the benefits it can have to our health and wellbeing. This is why we created Kava Nectar.

Kava has been used for over 3000 years in the South Pacific Islands for relaxation, social events, traditional ceremonies and health benefits. It’s gained popularity in North America as an alternative to drinking alcohol as it has the same social and calming effects but doesn’t have the hangover or risk of addiction.

Traditionally, kava is made from the dried roots of the kava plant. These roots are ground down into a fine powder that is placed into a tea bag then massaged into warm water. It takes about 5-10 minutes to brew, and the result is an earthy brown drink that can be enjoyed.

We know this can seem like a lot to someone new to kava. Especially something that can feel so different, coming from so far away and being something that many don’t understand how it works. (You can check out our collection of articles to learn more about it here!)

That is where Kava Nectar comes in!

We have partnered with kava growers in Fiji to produce a form of instant kava that is easy to use, delicious and has the relaxing and social effects kava is known for.

Kava Nectar is made from the sun dried root juice of the kava plant grown in Hawaii and the South Pacific. It’s completely plant based, gluten, sugar and chemical free and doesn’t contain alcohol.

It’s the same plant as traditional kava, so you get the same feelings of happiness and sociability, while your mind remains calm and focused. It tastes like a very strong matcha, earthy and smooth. And mixing it with coconut milk gives it another level of creamy, deliciousness.

So, if you are curious about kava and want to give it a try, Kava Nectar is a great place to start.

You can pre-order some here, and welcome to the kava family!

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Introducing- Kava Nectar!


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