Kava Nectar: The perfect Alcohol Alternative

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In our fast paced, stressful world, we look to things that help us feel calm and relaxed. Traditionally, alcohol has been the go-to for such occasions. Its origins trace all the way back to 700BC with mead, a drink made from fermented honey and has been used for centuries by different cultures for celebrations, social gatherings and winding down your day.

But these days, more and more people are looking for alcohol alternatives. The market is flooded with spiritless liquors and alcohol free beer has been around for ages. We want something to help us relax after a busy day at work, stressful meeting or when meeting friends out to connect.

But the side effects of alcohol can be rough. Hangovers that leave us physically ill or our brains foggy and the risk of becoming dependent can be serious. Additionally, it puts you at risk for other health conditions like obesity, heart and liver disease and type 2 diabetes, if you drink too much.

What if there was something natural, that gave you feelings of sociability and relaxation, but without the negative side effects and risks of alcohol?

That is where Kava Nectar comes in.

Kava Nectar is made from the sun dried root juice of the kava plant grown in Hawaii and the South Pacific. It’s completely plant based, gluten, sugar and chemical free and doesn’t contain alcohol.

An introduction to kava

If you’re not familiar with Kava, it’s a drink made from a plant in islands the South Pacific. It’s been used for centuries as a social drink, in religious and cultural ceremonies and for it’s social and health benefits. It is one of the best natural alternatives to alcohol out there, as it has the same calm, mood boosting and social effects as your favorite glass of wine, but without the hangover or the risk of addiction.

This comes from how it works in your body and brain. Unlike alcohol, it doesn’t change the way your brain works so you don’t get addicted to it. This is one of the biggest dangers when drinking alcohol, especially if you drink too much. In fact, the more you drink kava, the less you need to get the effect, unlike alcohol. This is called “reverse tolerance”.

Kava Nectar gives you the same feelings of happiness and sociability, while your mind remains calm and focused.

What makes Kava Nectar special?

We partnered with Fijian kava growers to produce a product that is easy to use and delicious. Unlike other instant kava mixes that can be made of unusual parts of the kava plant or are micronized kava root trying to be instant kava, giving it a gritty texture, Kava Nectar is made from sun dried kava root juice. It instantly dissolves in water giving you a delicious kava drink that you can enjoy anytime. It tastes like a very strong matcha, earthy and smooth. Plus, mixing it with coconut milk gives it another level of creamy, deliciousness.

No guilt, just kava

We certainly aren’t here to shame anyone who enjoys drinking alcohol. Nor are we suggestions you should quit alcohol. It’s a strong part of our social culture, much like how kava is a strong part of the social culture in the Pacific Islands.

We are simply excited to give you an alternative. For nights where you want to be social and relaxed but have an early meeting you want your brain to be focused for. Or are just not a fan of how alcohol makes you feel, especially as we get older. Or even if you are just curious about kava, Kava Nectar is here for you.

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Kava Nectar: The perfect Alcohol Alternative


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