The earthy taste of kava

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While we love the effects of kava and how it makes us feel, it does have a unique taste that we generally describe as earthy.

Kava comes from the pacific islands where it grows as a large shrub-like plant. But it’s the roots that are the valuable and most useful part of the plant. The roots are dug up, dried, then ground down into a fine powder. It’s this powder that is steeped in water to make the drink we know so well. 

Knowing this, its taste should be of little surprise. Its brown color reflects its earthy flavor. Which may be unappealing to some, but we urge you to press on and give it a try.

Kava is definitely an acquired taste. Like many natural beverages (tea, coffee, and matcha) not everyone is drawn to the flavor right away. It can take some time to appreciate the flavor. Just think about coffee. Many people load it up with sweeteners and flavors so they can enjoy the stimulating effects. Kava is very similar.

That is why we like to serve kava with coconut milk. This adds a creamy texture to the tea and helps with the strength of the flavor. Our instant kava, Kava Nectar, is another great place to start if you are curious about trying kava.

Kava Nectar is an instant kava, that means it dissolves instantly in liquid rather than needing to go through the whole process of steeping and massaging it like you do when making in traditional kava. Kava Nectar is made from the dried juice of the kava root from Fiji. It’s an easy and accessible way to both try and enjoy kava on a daily basis. And the best part? You can easily mix it into your liquid of choice. 

While there has been some push back about using liquids other than water to serve our kava, as that is considered the strictly traditional preparation, we are not the only ones who have done this. Historical stories tell us that Hawaiian kava has been served with coconut milk for centuries. In fact, King Kamehameha, the first king of Hawaii is known to have made his kava in several different ways including using coconut water, turmeric and certain types of cane sugar depending on the ceremony. 

One of the most important parts about drinking kava is its culture. It’s something that we value highly at Kavahana. The way it represents gathering, friendship and community as it’s traditionally used in religious ceremonies and community meetings. So don’t let the earthy flavor turn you off. No matter how you drink it, we believe that any kava is better than no kava.

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The earthy taste of kava


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