Kavahana: Bringing Kava Joy to the 626 Night Market

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The Los Angeles 626 Night Market has infused the essence of Asian after-dark bazaars since 2012. Swiftly becoming a cultural tradition in the San Gabriel Valley, these nights are rich with incredible vendors, craftspeople, chefs, and artists. At Kavahana, the first kava-only bar in Los Angeles, our excitement is bubbling as we prepare to offer the 3000-year-old tradition of kava at the market.

What is different about a night market?

In Western culture, markets are traditionally morning and daytime events focused on people buying their necessities and preparing for the week ahead. In many parts of Asia, markets, or Bazaars, are often held during nighttime hours. Bustling stalls offer food, housewares, art, and clothing under the stars and moonlight. The after work chill and the views of the stars make night markets feel both cosmopolitan and connected with nature.

The after-dinner vibe of markets is electric, as people feel relaxed, social, and ready to explore. An energizing yet chill alternative to a night on the couch, night markets are a great place to browse, eat, and shop under the stars or a super convenient stop off after work. 

Adding kava to the night market vibe

We could not think of a more fitting place for people to discover and experience our drinks. Non-alcoholic, vegan, and full of delicious flavor, kava’s happy and calm-inducing effects create an even better visit to a vibrant night market. 

The tradition of kava

Continuing the tradition of the native people of the Pacific Islands, we serve 100% natural kava, brewed from the root of the plant as it has been for thousands of years. 

Traditionally, communities of the islands drank their tea during social gatherings, ceremonies, events, and special occasions. The calming effects can increase feelings of sociability and allow people to enjoy being present in their community. 

Gaining popularity as an alcohol alternative

Enjoyed for generations across the world, kava tea is fast becoming a go-to alternative to alcohol for people in the U.S. Younger generations are drinking less, fearing dependence and health problems. Kava bars are becoming a popular place to relax, unwind, and be truly present and social. 

Kavahana: Making the experience delicious

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At Kavahana, we consider a variety of tastes when we design our drinks. While we offer the original, traditional kava and water tea, the earthy flavor of this ancient brew is a little strong for many people. 

We want everyone to be able to enjoy the wonderful effects of our tea and design our rotating range of delicious flavors with our customers in mind. Using delectable ingredients like high-quality coconut milk, matcha, brown sugar, and rose, we have flavors to suit a range of palettes. All of our tea drinks are 100% vegan and our high-quality recipes rotate regularly. 

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It all starts in September

Our 626 Night Market journey begins on Friday, September 8th thru Sunday, September 12th from 4pm to Midnight. We can’t wait to join and elevate the creative, social, and fun community under the stars in beautiful Arcadia. 

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Kavahana: Bringing Kava Joy to the 626 Night Market

night market


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