Is a Kava Bar Better Than Kava at Home?

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Kava has been available for making at home or drinking at a kava bar for many years now. Drinking kava has many benefits, and many people find that drinking at a kava bar offers more benefits to them than making it at home. 

kava leaf
kava leaf

What is Kava?

Kava is made from the ground roots of the kava plant. The root is ground and mixed into a drink that provides a feeling of relaxation, euphoria, and happiness. 

Where is it from?

Kava is native to the south pacific and grown in the highest density in Vanuatu and Fiji. It has been used for centuries by the native peoples of Oceania. Used in tea ceremonies, social events, and celebrations. 

It was discovered by Westerners in the 1600s and has spread across the globe in recent history. Kava has gained popularity among stressed-out and sober curious people looking for an alternative to alcohol or drinking culture. 

What are the effects?

Kava provides a feeling of relaxation and happiness. Many people feeling overwhelmed with stress, racing thoughts, and sadness enjoy the effects of drinking kava. 

Unlike alcohol, it isn’t known to create unpredictable, aggressive, or argumentative behavior. The kavalactone receptors in our brains react to the root by chilling us out, allowing us to focus on our thoughts and be social and intentional about our time. 

What does kava taste like?

As kava is the powdered root of the plant, it has a slightly bitter, earthy, and peppery taste. Many people enjoy the natural taste of ava prepared traditionally. Others prefer to add flavors to their kava.

Can you make kava to drink at home?

Kava can be made into a drink at home by steeping the kava in water in a traditional tea style. Often, people like to mix the ground kava with a little water and put it into the blender before putting it into their strainer for steeping. 

It is not a difficult process, but it is still a process. In the same way, we can make tea at home, but we still like to visit a tea shop or cafe. It is nice to enjoy the experience without needing to buy and prepare ingredients. 

What is a kava bar?

kava plant roots
kava plant roots

Like any other bar, lounge, or cafe, kava bars come in many different forms with different vibes. Some boast a theme, many with the look of a traditional bar. They aim to create a relaxing and chill vibe.

Kava enhances feelings of well-being and happiness. Whatever theme, decor, or design of a kava bar, it is likely relaxed, welcoming, and focused on chilling out. 

At Kavahana, the first kava-only bar in Los Angeles, we focus on blending a chilled social atmosphere and delicious taste. 

Alternative to an alcohol bar

A kava bar provides an alternative to an alcohol bar for people who either wish to drink kava or prefer to avoid traditional alcohol bars. For some, visiting a kava bar provides the social interaction they usually enjoy at an alcohol bar without feeling the expectation to drink alcohol.

We created Kavahana to bring alternative options to stressed and overwhelmed people in Southern California. 

Trying kava for the first time

When people learn about the effects of kava, they are interested to try. Like anything new, if we don’t know whether we like it, we don’t want to go out and buy ingredients and tools to try it. Kava bars give curious first-time kava drinkers a chance to experience kava without any commitment beyond a little time. 

Don’t miss out on socializing

Drinking culture has become so pervasive that for many people, drinking in bars is their most social activity outside of work. With so much activity revolving around alcohol bars, it’s a potential problem for people who struggle with or look to avoid alcohol or traditional bars. 

That doesn’t mean those people wish to give up socializing and sit home with Kava instead. For many, a kava bar offers an opportunity to be social in a relaxed and friendly environment. 

Who goes to a kava bar?

Just like mainstream alcohol-based bars, kava bars attract a wide variety of people. Stress and overwhelm can affect adults of all ages and backgrounds. People seeking a sober or sober curious life away from alcohol will often find people of a similar mentality at a kava bar.

Finding like-minded people

As we learn more and more about the damage that alcohol does to our health, and often to our habits and home lives, people looking for a healthier way to live find kava bars a welcome alternative.

People who wish to live a healthier life or rely less on alcohol find Kava bars to be a place with many like-minded people. 

Does Kava make you drunk?

Even though the kavalactone receptors in our brains create a feeling of happiness and euphoria when we drink kava, at normal doses it does not have the effect of being drunk. At high doses, side effects can occur.

For most people who keep it moderate, it simply creates feelings of relaxation, happiness, and even feelings of focus that come with being calm. 

A study showed that people drinking some kava over hours at a kava bar did not have impaired speech, cognitive function, or motor skills compared to the control group. 

Why go to a kava bar when you can make kava at home?

For those who want to try kava, avoid shopping for kava, or enjoy being social when relaxed, there are plenty of reasons why a kava bar might be a better choice than making kava at home. 

Quality kava is 100% natural

At Kavahana, we are delighted to serve Los Angeles by providing the highest quality kava with the most delicious flavors. 

Our kava is 100% natural kava from Vanuatu and Fiji and contains no additives. We are passionate about quality, and bringing our customers the very best experience possible.

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Is a Kava Bar Better Than Kava at Home?

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