Young People Unlock Alternatives to Generational Alcohol Use with Kava

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Studies show that each generation is drinking less alcohol than the one before them. With Gen Z rejecting alcohol at the greatest rate, drinking 20% less than the Millennial generation before them. While attitudes to alcohol are changing, kava bars are becoming a sober curious alternative. People love it for chilled social vibes and inducing happy feelings. 

Alcohol’s negative effects are no longer ignored

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With more information available and a focus on living better, many people are actively reducing or eliminating alcohol from their lives. Many witness family members struggle with the health implications of alcohol-related illness and experience the fallout of addiction. The negative effects of long-term alcohol use have negatively impacted many people before they are even old enough to drink themselves. 

Younger generations prefer health-conscious alternatives

As a generation more health-conscious in many aspects of life, members of Gen Z are intentionally making lifestyle choices with their physical health in mind. Alongside alcohol, tobacco use is reducing, and interest in healthier diets is increasing in younger people. Of Gen Z vegans, 50% state they chose a vegan lifestyle for health reasons. 

Stresses and overwhelm remain despite healthy habits

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Younger people may be going to extra efforts to preserve their physical health, but the stresses of modern life remain. People in the Gen Z generation seek out diagnoses for the symptoms of anxiety and depression at higher rates than their elders. This shows they are still suffering from the overwhelm of modern life but actively seek to improve the situation.

With high rates of stress and anxiety, many young people struggle with socializing and developing high self-esteem. Not wanting to rely on alcohol, many Gen Z’ers find that kava is the non-alcoholic alternative that works for them. 

Kava as an alcohol alternative

Millennials and Gen Z use less alcohol and tobacco than their elders, modern society is only growing more stressful for young people. 

Many people find kava bars relaxing, fun, and social alternatives to traditional alcohol bars and clubs. With mood-boosting kavalactones, this natural tea creates feelings of happiness, calm, focus, and social confidence, helping to combat stress and allowing young people to relax while connecting with others. 

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What is kava?

An ancient tradition of the native peoples of the Pacific Islands, the ground root of the kava plant is brewed with water to create a tea that creates feelings of happiness. This social tea has been part of ceremonies, community events, and celebrations for these native people for generations. Discovered by the Western world hundreds of years ago, but only recently becoming known to many people in the U.S, this all natural drink is gaining in popularity every year.

Kavahana makes your discovery easy, tasty, and chill

Lacking the hangover effects and impairments of alcohol, bars like Kavahana, the first kava-only bar in Los Angeles, see more sober curious people than ever discovering the benefits of drinking this traditional tea. Transforming this ancient tea into delicious vegan drinks, we bring the taste of its native Pacific Islands to people across Southern California.  

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Young People Unlock Alternatives to Generational Alcohol Use with Kava



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