Day: June 12, 2023

Bula! Discover The First Kava-Only Bar in Los Angeles

Drinking kava, the traditional tea brewed from the ground root of the kava plant causes feelings of relaxation, euphoria, focus, and happiness, without the impairments of alcohol.  As a traditional Pacific island alternative to the word “cheers”, “Bula!” can be heard in kava bars across the world.  Kava: A traditional ritual that continues to grow The kava plant, and the making of kava tea, are native to the peoples of

The Amazing Social Culture of Kava: A Nakamal

With its relaxing and euphoric effects, kava is more popular than ever in the Western world, with a rising number of people wishing to reduce their alcohol intake. More than just a calming alternative to alcohol, kava tea is an ancient and rich tradition.  For generations, the native peoples of Polynesia have enjoyed the social environment of a nakamal. People who wish to truly connect with the kava experience benefit

Kava: The Tradition of Bilo Cups

One of the more beautiful elements of kava culture in modern times is the respect that many drinkers still maintain for the traditional roots and rituals of the tea. In the Western world of kava drinking, flavors are more decadent, and kava bars are more in line with lounges, but the heart of kava culture remains. The bilo, a carved half-coconut shell cup, is part of the tradition still alive


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