Day: July 11, 2023

Kava: Try the Better Alcohol Alternative For The Sober Curious

With the impact of drinking culture becoming more alarming to many people, a movement to shift away from alcohol is underway and changing lives for the better. For people looking to turn away from alcohol but still wishing for stress relief and social connection, kava is the happiness-inducing alternative many people have never heard of.  What is sober curious? People who are sober curious are evaluating their relationship with alcohol

Kava: Unlock Real Social Connection with Kavahana

Our modern lives, full of stress, overwhelm, and tight schedules, can leave us feeling like we are missing out on social time and the true connection we need from our time with others. Find out how drinking kava, the traditional Polynesian tea, can help bring the true connection back to your social time. What is kava? Kava tea, often referred to as kava, is the ground root of the kava


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