Kava: Try the Better Alcohol Alternative For The Sober Curious

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With the impact of drinking culture becoming more alarming to many people, a movement to shift away from alcohol is underway and changing lives for the better. For people looking to turn away from alcohol but still wishing for stress relief and social connection, kava is the happiness-inducing alternative many people have never heard of. 

What is sober curious?

People who are sober curious are evaluating their relationship with alcohol and potentially avoiding it as a test or a permanent change. By routinely evaluating our habits and ways we deal with stress and overwhelm, we can keep our self-care on the right side of potential problems. 

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Many people who test out life without alcohol are surprised at how often they have been drinking, and some find just how much stress they have been suppressing with alcohol. For some people, a completely sober life is for them. They find exercise or meditation practices to take care of their stresses and racing thoughts. Others do not wish to return to alcohol but still wish they could relax or have a good time with their friends. For these people, kava is a new and exciting discovery. 

Why are people sober curious?

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People have personal and varied reasons for questioning their relationship with alcohol. Sometimes they start to feel dependent on its effects for getting through stressful days. Other times they have noticed their behavior with alcohol is unpredictable and damaging. When people are considering their health and fitness programs, the potential damage and calories of alcohol are a big part of the conversation with their coaches. 

Whatever their reasons for becoming sober curious, no one can deny the long-term health effects of alcohol, and the short-term feelings of a hangover are things that we would all prefer not to have.

What is kava?

Kava, a tea brewed from the ground root of the kava plant, is an ancient drink from the islands of Polynesia. Creating feelings of happiness, relaxation, and focus, many people turn to kava as an alternative to alcohol. 

Kava does not have the health implications, motor impairments, or hangover downsides of alcohol. The kavalactones, interacting with the receptors in our brains, create happy feelings and provide relief from stress, overwhelm, and worry.

What is a kava bar?

A kava bar is a place that serves kava and provides a relaxing, fun, and chilled space for people to connect with their friends, or find new fellow kava fans. Due to kava’s happy and euphoric effects, kava bars have a predictable atmosphere of friendliness, a welcome break from the unpredictability of many alcohol bars. 

At Kavahana, the first kava-only bar in Los Angeles, we take this ancient social ritual to the next level with delicious flavor options to delight your palette as your kava delights your mind. Providing stress-free kava experiences to many sober curious people, we love bringing a safe, effective, alcohol-free alternative to the overwhelmed people of Southern California.

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Kava: Try the Better Alcohol Alternative For The Sober Curious

young man sat on couch hand on head with hangover kavahana


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