Kava Gets More Popular as Gen Z Drink Less Alcohol

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A health-conscious generation that grew up seeing many of alcohol’s negative effects in people older than them, Gen Z’ers are choosing a sober life at increasing rates. Drinking an average of 20% less than millennials, Gen Z is not as enamored with drinking culture as previous generations. Still wishing to be social and spend time out with friends in a relaxed setting, enjoying kava at a kava bar is gaining popularity with the Gen Z population across the U.S

Generations are drinking less than the ones before 

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While people belonging to Gen Z are drinking less than millennials, the same pattern is playing out for the older generations. Millennials are drinking less alcohol than those in Gen X and Boomer generations. 

As younger people continually witness the health, social, and emotional problems centered around alcohol use and addiction, they are less likely to want to bring into their lives. Many children and families suffer trauma and emotional damage following alcoholism. These young people do not want it to be a part of their future. 

Money matters

For many young people growing up in economies where budgets are already tight, the cost involved with regular drinking at home or spending evenings bar hopping adds up quickly to regretful amounts. 

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Drinking alcohol is so normalized within society that it isn’t uncommon for people to drink every day to deal with stress or from formed habits. With increasing tolerance and addictive qualities, it is very easy for people to find themselves surprised by how much money they are spending on alcohol in a week. 

Younger generations are not only working with smaller budgets than generations passed, but they are becoming more intentional about their spending. 

People are discovering the benefits of kava at a growing rate

Drinking kava, the traditional brewed tea of the Polynesian islands that promotes happiness, relaxation, focus, and calm mood, is becoming more popular across the country. 

Younger generations who still feel the immense stresses and overwhelm of modern life are discovering that spending time at a kava bar is the best of both worlds. They still appreciate the relaxing effects of kava, the social space to hang with friends and make meaningful connections, but without the downsides of alcohol. 

Kava doesn’t cause the same motor impairments as alcohol. Nor does it give any hangovers, health problems, or unpredictable behaviors, all reasons why people are choosing to lay off the booze. 

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The future is Kava

At Kavahana, the first kava-only bar in Los Angeles, we love to see the sheer number of people in younger generations enjoying delicious flavor variations of this ancient tea. At the center of social connection for native peoples for centuries, its growing popularity with younger generations suggests that it will continue to be a part of social culture for generations across the world. 

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Kava Gets More Popular as Gen Z Drink Less Alcohol

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