Cymbiotika hosts Kavahana at their annual private event!

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Hey, L.A.! 

Something exciting happened for us recently. We were invited to Cymbiotika’s annual private event! This was a huge deal for us.

If you haven’t hear them, Cymbiotika is a supplement company that is focused on healthy living and boosting your well being. They believe food is the best medicine, and they are trying to disrupt the supplement industry by being completely transparent about the contents of their products. No secrets, just pure ingredients. Just like our kava.

We were stoked to be a part of such an exclusive event. There were yoga classes, pool side hangs and talks about wellness and what Cymbiotika was doing and their goals for moving wellness forward.

We got to serve three of our most popular kavas; Brown Sugar, Blue Cloud and Matcha Kava and share the wonderful tradition and culture that comes along with drinking kava. Something that many are not aware of. It created a wonderfully warm social atmosphere that everyone seemed to enjoy.

We were so happy at the reception we got and how popular our kava was. People seemed to love it! We are so grateful to Cymbiotika for the invitation and are excited to see what comes of this partnership. With so much wellness in common, keep an eye out for more events like this.

And follow us on our socials below to see where we are next so you don’t miss out! ????????

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Cymbiotika hosts Kavahana at their annual private event!


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