Swapping your morning coffee with Kava Nectar

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And how Kava Nectar can help

We are a society that loves coffee. First thing in the morning, in the afternoon, out with friends or after dinner with dessert. In fact many of us say we are “addicted” to caffeine, and can’t get our day started without it. 

But what is it about coffee that we love so much? Its earthy taste? Cozying up with a steaming cup on a slow Saturday morning? The way it makes you feel? 

Unfortunately, with all that love comes the downsides. The overstimulation jitters, the headache if you don’t get enough, depending on it to get your day started. 

What if there was a warm drink that would help give you focus, energy and that cozy feeling without getting negative effects? Would you try it?

That’s where Kava Nectar comes in. 

What is Kava Nectar

Kava  is a root found in the Pacific Islands. It’s been used for centuries in cultural and religious ceremonies as well as for its medicinal properties. It’s commonly drunk socially in community gatherings as it increases feelings of relaxation and sociability. 

It acts in the brain to give you feelings of calm focus, as well as a sense of happiness and joy. Kava Nectar is our first kava product that makes drinking kava an easy and delicious experience. 

What makes Kava Nectar different?

Traditionally, kava can be labor intensive to make. It involves grinding down the root, taking the powder and putting it into a straining bag to massage in a bowl of warm water. Kava Nectar is a form of instant kava. It’s made exclusively from the sun dried juice of the kava root, so it has the same effects of kava without the time intensive process. 

No afternoon slump, dependence or jitters

Unlike coffee, Kava Nectar won’t give you jitters if you drink too much nor leave you feeling sluggish in the afternoon. It works by promoting the calming neurotransmitters in your brain that both relax you and make you feel social. It’s also non-addictive, so you won’t wake up needing it and won’t get any negative feelings if you miss a morning. 

So if you’re looking to give your morning routine a makeover, or just want to try something a little different, Kava Nectar is a great place to start. You can preorder yours herect

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Swapping your morning coffee with Kava Nectar


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