Kava: The Unique Alcohol Alternative for Any Time of Day

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Alcohol bars and stores are open most of the day and night for people wanting to indulge in a little drinking at any time. But many people don’t want to mix alcohol and daytime activities as alcohol can leave us impaired, sleepy, and not at our best. Kava bars allow people to feel the perks of happiness, calm, and euphoria during the day without wasting what remains of the weekend. 

Drinking alcohol interferes with life

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Although drinking is a large part of many people’s social lives, it doesn’t always fit well into our daily plans. Many people prefer not to drink during the day as the impairing effects of alcohol and potential early hangover can make the rest of the day unproductive and wasted. Over time, these regretful days can build to be a problem for both productivity and our feelings about our downtime and how we spend it. 

Kava, with its relaxing and happiness-inducing effects, allows people to feel the euphoria of this ancient tea, without feeling the impairment and unpredictable effects of alcohol. Kava is fast becoming a popular alternative to alcohol, with kava bars, both permanent and pop-up style, bringing people good times without the regret factor. 

What is kava?

A tea brewed with the ground root of the kava plant, kava is an ancient drink introduced to the world by the native peoples of the Pacific Islands. Kava tea contains kavalactones, which interact with our brains to create feelings of happiness, calm, relaxation, and focus, without the hangover effects or impairments of alcohol. Kava is natural, effective, and easy to drink without losing the weekend.

Kavahana brings the calm, peace, and happiness of kava to farmers’ markets across Los Angeles

Following the increased popularity of kava as an alternative to alcohol, many people wish for opportunities to enjoy kava or experience its effects for the first time. 

At Kavahana, the first kava-only bar in Los Angeles, we bring the kava experience into the light of day by offering this ancient tea at local farmers’ markets, festivals, and pop-up venues across the city.

Does it taste good?

A very earthy and peppery-tasting drink in its natural form, we add delicious flavors to our kava. Serving kava in flavors like chocolate creme and brown sugar milk tea, we bring people both good flavors and feelings of kava. 

Experiencing kava is a way to uplift and elevate your day without losing part of it or slowing you down. Enjoy this ancient tea while passing through a market, or sit and stay a while with some friends in a kava bar. More people are choosing to stay alcohol sober and healthily enjoy their downtime. At Kavahana, we love to bring the kava experience to overworked and overwhelmed people across Southern California. 

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Kava: The Unique Alcohol Alternative for Any Time of Day

woman wearing gray denim jacket and black scarf kavahana


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