Kava Secrets: Unlock Hangover-Free Days with Kavahana

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Wishing to make the most of the weekends by socializing, dancing, and casting off the stresses of the work week, many people find themselves with an unfortunate hangover following too much revelry. For lots of people, not only is a hangover the worst part of their choice to drink, but they feel remorse, shame, or embarrassment that they drink so much in the first place. Kava, the traditional and ancient tea, is fast becoming a go-to alternative to alcohol. Kava’s feelings of happiness, and relaxation allow you to enjoy your weekend without a hangover or the impairment of alcohol. 

People are turning away from alcohol

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More and more recent studies are showing a growing trend. Previous drinkers, particularly the younger Gen Z generation, are turning away from alcohol. Many people are choosing to become sober or sober curious, seeing with their own eyes the health and social problems that stem from alcohol abuse. For people who are not choosing to live sober, many people are reviewing their relationship with alcohol and feeling that it plays a bigger part in their lives than they would like. 

Aside from long-term health effects, addiction potential, and unpredictable behaviors, people drinking alcohol are tired of feeling the after-effects of a hangover. For people who value their free time to get things done, work out, or stay on track with healthy habits, a hangover can be an inconvenience and sometimes come with feelings of shame. 

What is kava?

Kava is a traditional tea brewed from the ground root of the kava plant. Native to the Pacific Islands, kava is a major part of community culture for the native peoples of the region. Causing positive social feelings and happiness that are perfect for interacting and connecting, it is drunk during ceremonies, social events, celebrations, and meetings. 

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The Western world discovered this ancient calming tea while exploring the region hundreds of years ago. After making its way across the world in recent years, kava is gaining popularity faster than ever in the U.S. In the modern world of stress, overwhelm, and shrinking amounts of time to connect, kava is helping people to feel free and enjoy their time.

Where can I get Kava without making it?

Kava is available, premade, and ready to enjoy peacefully alone or with your friends at kava bars across the country. Famous for promoting a chill vibe due to kava’s relaxing effects, kava bars are social, fun, and full of people enjoying kava in delicious flavors. 

At Kavahana, the first kava-only bar in Los Angeles, we bring the experience of kava to Southern California via farmers’ markets, festivals, and pop-up events. 

We serve traditional kava, with its original earthy and peppery taste, or kava blended with delicious flavors for people new to the kava experience. 

By bringing kava that is 100% natural and sourced from the Pacific islands to people looking to relax, our customers enjoy our kava hangover-free without regrets on Monday morning. 

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Kava Secrets: Unlock Hangover-Free Days with Kavahana

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