Kavahana is Now Serving Good Kava Vibes at Farmers Markets in Los Angeles

kavahana - kava in los ángeles
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With the growth of people drinking kava across the country to feel relaxed, happy, and social, there is a greater demand for places to find it. Most people who wish to try the experience or drink kava regularly do not want to make it at home and find that the effects of kava make them want to be more social anyway. 

kava at kavahana in Los Angeles

More people are discovering that kava bars are a great alternative to traditional alcohol bars. Without alcohol, sober people can feel secure. The vibe is more predictable and first-time visitors are often amazed at the friendly and calm atmosphere. Social magic happens when people can truly connect and feel happy.

What is kava?

Kava is a tea brewed from the ground root of the kava plant. First discovered by the native peoples of the Pacific, this happiness-inducing tea is part of ancient island culture. 

Native people brewed kava during ceremonies, celebrations, social events, and community meetings. After spreading across the world over the past few centuries, kava is growing in popularity for creating feelings of relaxation, peace, happiness, and focus without the impairments and hangovers of alcohol. 

With people slowly turning away from alcohol due to health, addiction, or social reasons, kava provides a way to experience positive feelings without any unpopular side effects. 

What is a kava bar?

A kava bar, much like a traditional bar, is a place people can socialize, or spend peaceful alone time while enjoying kava tea. 

Fast becoming known for having a chill atmosphere and fun vibes, kava bars promote relaxation and happiness. The unpredictable and sometimes aggressive behavior created by alcohol is avoided with kava. People who do not have a good history with alcohol often prefer the predictable kava. 

Bringing this ancient tea to farmers’ markets in Los Angeles

Many people who enjoy kava don’t have the opportunity or time to visit a kava bar. Brewing at home is time-consuming, and stressed and overwhelmed people do not need more chores. For people looking to use their free time to relax or connect, all time is precious. Pre-brewed kava in delicious flavors is much more convenient. Kava is extending beyond the walls of the kava bar and available at farmers markets for convenience.

Kavahana makes kava convenient

At Kavahana, we bring the kava experience to both current kava fans and first-time drinkers. We are now attending farmers’ markets and pop-up events in Los Angeles. As the first kava-only bar in Los Angeles, we focus on doing one thing and doing it well. Making kava delicious and accessible to both fans of kava tea and first-time visitors. 

Sourcing all of our 100% natural kava root from the Pacific Islands, we bring both traditional tasting and deliciously flavored kava to people who want some extra chill and smiles during their weekend. 

Trying kava doesn’t have to mean learning recipes or even spending time at a kava bar. At Kavahana, we make the joy of kava accessible, convenient, and tasty for the stressed and overworked people of Southern California. 

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Kavahana is Now Serving Good Kava Vibes at Farmers Markets in Los Angeles

kavahana - kava in los ángeles


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