Unlock Your Creativity: The Benefits of Kava

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Growing in popularity in the US for its relaxing and calming effects, kava has many benefits beyond stress relief. We all have creative energy and desires, but our stressful lives often block our creativity. 

Even when we get some free time in our schedules, we are still stressed about our responsibilities. Allowing creativity is a must-have for a balanced and happy life. Find out how kava can help to unlock your creativity by calming your mind.

What is kava?

Kava is the ground root of the kava plant, used for generations by the native peoples of Polynesia during ceremonies, rituals, celebrations, and social events. 

By brewing kava into a peppery tea either at home or at a kava bar, drinking kava creates feelings of relaxation, happiness, and increased focus. 

Kava contains kavalactones. These kavalactones interact with the kavalactone receptors in our brains, creating these positive feelings without the clumsy impairments that alcohol causes. 

Creativity is a vital part of life

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We are all creative beings, whether or not we believe we possess these talents. We rely on creativity for ideas, innovation, and unlocking the true potential of our minds.  

For work and productive purposes, creativity allows new and innovative ways of thinking and faster problem-solving. For our well-being and mindset, allowing our creative energy to flourish increases our happiness, and we can once again feel the expanse of possibilities in life. 

Overwhelm blocks creativity

To let our creativity shine in our work or play, we need to calm our feelings of overwhelm and racing thoughts while under stress. When things are busy and deadlines tighten, we are prone to overthinking and stress. We fill our minds with spirals of worst-case scenarios and completely block any creative thinking.

How kava can help creativity

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Creativity is almost impossible when feeling overwhelmed by stress, either at work or in your personal life. By inducing relaxation and calming your mind, kava creates a mindset ripe for creativity. 

By not overthinking the same problems, we create space for new ideas and even play. Kava allows us to engage our love of play, of creating just for our own peace and enjoyment. The modern world does not always make it easy to let our true creative selves into the world.

Where can I get kava?

You can purchase kava in its raw form to brew at home traditionally or visit a kava bar, where the work is already done. You can enjoy the experience and effects of kava without any chores. 

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At Kavahana, the first kava-only bar in Los Angeles, we offer delicious flavors of kava, with a traditional tasting option for experienced kava drinkers. We love bringing this relaxing and creativity-enhancing experience to overwhelmed people across Southern California. 

However you help your mind to unlock your creativity, it must flow for a happy and successful life. Creative thinking is a beautiful gift of being human and drinking kava is just one of many ways to allow it to blossom. To become the best version of ourselves, we must let our creativity shine.

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Unlock Your Creativity: The Benefits of Kava

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