Kavahana Proudly Joins as a Founding Member of the International Kava Organization

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We are thrilled to announce a milestone in Kavahana’s journey. As advocates for kava’s rich cultural heritage and its modern-day appreciation, we have taken a significant step forward by becoming a founding member of the International Kava Organization (IKO). This prestigious position amplifies our commitment to promoting kava’s responsible consumption, understanding, and global appreciation.

The IKO is a pioneering authority in the kava community, serving as a nexus between the plant’s deep cultural roots in the South Pacific and the burgeoning international market. With an unwavering commitment to supporting scientific research, ensuring quality, and promoting responsible consumption, IKO is the voice that the global kava community has needed. It stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, echoing the very principles Kavahana was built upon.

Our journey began with a vision: to create a (mobile, for now 😉 ) space where the relaxing properties of kava create social bonds and communal experiences. The IKO’s mission resonates with our belief in kava as a force of connection, a beverage that transcends its relaxing properties to become a medium for community building. By joining forces with IKO, we are not only preserving kava’s rich cultural legacy but also contributing to its global narrative, one that is informed by scientific understanding and a deep respect for tradition.

We stand alongside industry leaders and advocates who recognize kava’s potential beyond a ceremonial drink. Our friends at Kalm with Kava, for instance, share our enthusiasm for bringing kava to international audiences with integrity and respect for its origins. This collaborative spirit is what the IKO embodies, and we are proud to contribute to this shared vision.

Being part of IKO’s foundational structure also means participating in an important dialogue about kava’s future. We are involved in conversations regarding quality control, cultural appreciation, sustainable farming practices, and the global kava community’s economic and social impact. These discussions are crucial as they shape the standards and practices that will define the industry.

Our partnership with farmers, scientists, and kava enthusiasts is stronger than ever. Together, we are committed to a future where kava is not just consumed but respected globally. We are here to ensure that the story of kava is not just about a plant or a beverage but about people, cultures, and connections.

Join us in celebrating this new chapter! We are more than a kava bar; we are a community dedicated to honoring and sharing the kava tradition. With IKO, we are at the forefront of a movement that cherishes kava’s past and nurtures its future.

Visit us to experience first-hand the culture we’re so passionate about. Let’s raise our shells to a future where every sip honors the rich tapestry of tradition and innovation. Here’s to kava, here’s to global connections, and here’s to you, our Kavahana family!

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Kavahana Proudly Joins as a Founding Member of the International Kava Organization


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