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Kavahana: Bringing Kava Joy to the 626 Night Market

The Los Angeles 626 Night Market has infused the essence of Asian after-dark bazaars since 2012. Swiftly becoming a cultural tradition in the San Gabriel Valley, these nights are rich with incredible vendors, craftspeople, chefs, and artists. At Kavahana, the first kava-only bar in Los Angeles, our excitement is bubbling as we prepare to offer the 3000-year-old tradition of kava at the market. What is different about a night market?

Young People Unlock Alternatives to Generational Alcohol Use with Kava

Studies show that each generation is drinking less alcohol than the one before them. With Gen Z rejecting alcohol at the greatest rate, drinking 20% less than the Millennial generation before them. While attitudes to alcohol are changing, kava bars are becoming a sober curious alternative. People love it for chilled social vibes and inducing happy feelings.  Alcohol’s negative effects are no longer ignored With more information available and a

Kava and cancer: The potential anticancer effects kava may have

In this study from 2019, researchers investigated the connection of kava and cancer and it could be protective against certain types of cancer. This is a systematic review that identified, assessed and analyzed related studies to gain a better idea of how the protective components of kava work against cancer cells. The specific components they are interested in are kavalactones, chalcones, cinnamic acid derivatives and flavanones. What they did Researchers

Is Kava easy to Make at Home?

You can make and enjoy the relaxing effects of kava at home. It can also be purchased at kava bars for people who don’t have the time or inclination to start prepping at home.  If you prefer your alone time or like to learn new skills, making kava is fun and easy to learn. All you need is a little know-how and the right equipment. What is Kava? Kava is

Is a Kava Bar Better Than Kava at Home?

Kava has been available for making at home or drinking at a kava bar for many years now. Drinking kava has many benefits, and many people find that drinking at a kava bar offers more benefits to them than making it at home.  What is Kava? Kava is made from the ground roots of the kava plant. The root is ground and mixed into a drink that provides a feeling


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